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Canadian lyrical great minds

True beauty does not lie on well-fashioned faces nor on bodily features. True power is not in well-worked weapons nor on man’s ability to explore worlds beyond this world. True wealth is not tied to gold nor perishable pieces of paper. True invention is not molded in the tangible nor on the many man-made miracles of mother earth.  True joy is not within the grip of intoxicating wines nor on the laps of a wayward woman. Where then, I hear your mind mutter, can we find all these?

In the usually quiet yet poignant mind of a writer’s quill. So powerful is the tip of a drunken quill that Margaret Atwood could not help but pencil; war happens when words fail.

With words, you can construct the intangible, concoct the improbable and do the incredible. Travel between planets, real and imagined, while sitting within your condominium comfort. You can never be wrong. All the great inventions of man, the beauties of the earth; the magnificent edifices, the mind-melting technical technologies, the smarts cars and gadgets, wonder birds or the air and yummy yachts,  were at a point and for a brief moment, nothing but intangible thoughts in the mind of a wild thinker. They were brought to life by words and generations hereafter, would read and marvel at how we were able to enjoy classics and techs beyond our time. It is, therefore, logical to say that of all man’s inventions, the greatest is nothing but words. The writer, we can comfortably conclude is the greatest inventor of all times. Yes, words anchor the world.

The Canadian collections

The Canadian collections

So blessed is the country that we have authors of great repute. If they are not dazzling us with short stories that tell the world about their specific countryside, sights, and sounds, they are winning in novels that get adapted to the movie. If they are not waxing away lyrically in poems that ignites the mind, they are writing articles in notable magazines that provoke thoughts. They plot to sway emotions however they so suit. Hold attention spellbound and make us applaud them in our mind they have wearied from too much anticipation, curiosity, and emotions.

Where does their inspiration come from?

It is very easy to deduce, after interacting with their works, that their inspiration comes from different sources; from the environment and community, they grew up. By their life experiences and divinely.