Book publishing industry

Books: life’s living legacy

Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839 coined the phrase; the pen is mightier than the sword and more than a hundred years later, that thought proving little line still hold solidly true today. Without the pen, men’s valor in the battlefield of life is soon forgotten. History as we know it would have been confined to the sands of time, culture banished from our subconscious, God and his ways unknown.

Without books we are nothing but super artificial intelligent agents with no idea of who we are, where we come from nor where we are heading. Life would have been very cumbersome and the whole world in a state of constant chaotic flux; for each generation would live, observe its environment, adapt, invent the little it can and die with such knowledge in a repetitive circle.

The beauty of books

Books help us document the history of generations long gone and inculcate our culture into generations yet unborn.  Inventions are graphically detailed arming us with a reference point upon which we can improve. A good book is like rubbing two very unlikely minds; the virtual one buried within the book (probably from a long-lost past) and that of the reader. It informs. It enlightens. It liberates. It inspires and gives mortal men lyrical wings to fly. Sit within the clouds above and bless men with wisdom far beyond their time.

Your true legacy

It is pertinent to for you to note, dear reader, that when you have accomplished your purpose here on earth and drawn your last breath, your true legacy is not the amount of wealth you amassed and bequeathed. They are soon squandered. Your kind deeds swiftly are forgotten. Your only true lasting legacy is the books you wrote, in form of the lives you touched positively or the words you let loose on some sheets, while on earth you tread. Yes, we all are writers, one way or the other. Because our lives are nothing but daily tales.

Your true legacy

Tell your tale or dive into the world of fantasy or conspiracy, if you may. However, you can tell a tale. Make it plain on prints. Let your thoughts, with the aid of some willing ink, or a computing link, dance on the pages of some plain paper. Let the world know that not for naught were you born with brains. Etch your name on the epithet of history.  Conquer minds, time and space. You can never be wrong. For truly, the pen is mightier than the sword.